The new redesign!

Everyone! WordPress (What my website runs on) has made a new update! This update includes the new 2021 theme. My first theme ever was the 2020 theme. We have switched to this theme how do you like it? ★★★★ Changes The first change is the theme which is obvious 🙂 Most...


Hi Everyone so we now have a NEWS PAGE where we post updates so check it out!! TO THE NEWS!! News page!! How was this blog post? ★

Back To School Shopping

So everyone school is delayed 2 weeks because teachers are getting ready so why not go back to school shopping? So we went to Toronto Premium Outlets The shops I bought stuff from RootsSun glass Hut What did we get from Roots? Well we got some pants and some shirts...

Faster and secure website!

Hi everyone so I put my website on cloudflare so now my website is faster and more secure! So now I hope you have a good time on my website! What do you rate my website? ★