Welcome everyone! I’ve discovered this tool called DALLE 2 and would like to share it with you! Now, you may ask, “What is that?” Well, DALLE 2 lets you convert text to an image. Simply enter the text and the AI will generate an image! It will also generate 4 different varieties of the image.

Here’s a few examples:

“A pastel painting of the Earth with a rainbow background inside of a phone with a futuristic look.”
“A rainbow coloured computer in a busy restaurant in New York”
“A big bed in a big bedroom with a fluffy sloth stuffed animal animated.”
“A big camera zooming in 100x onto a football player.”
“A fish in a round fish bowl in a cloud.”

I’d say, some of them are good, and some are bad.

My rating:

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.