Chosen Ones. Join the Anime show!

Chosen Ones Anime Hello! do you wanna be in an anime? We have 30 spots left, so hurry if you wanna get in! We need: Animators Producer Inbetweener Special Effect CG Artist Voice actors Join Us! (Discord...

A redesign AGAIN!

A redesign AGAIN!!!! Everyone!!!!! I got this thing called Divi it’s a theme. Not only a theme it also is super customizable!! I can customize every single part! Thanks a lot to Divi! See what divi can do in this...

My channel is growing!

Hi everyone I would like to thank you so much for the support on my YouTube channel I appreciate all the support you all gave me it means a lot to me!

Dark mode

Hi everyone if you want to have Dark mode on my website (this only works on google chrome) Click on the button on the bottom of this blog post and enable the extension